XINGtea is a Denver company that provides 14 flavors of green tea-based beverages that are served ready-to-drink. XINGtea is made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, a hint of black tea for a smooth taste, and is sweetened with pure cane sugar and honey. Wildly popular, XINGtea is available in 47 states, and the company continues growing.

Metzger developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that involved a website redesign including stunning graphics, a corporate blog and search engine-optimized website copy to increase engagement and improve the user experience.

Part of the digital marketing plan included inbound linking to the new website to drive search results. Within the first two months of this program, we moved the site from page nine up to page three in searches for their top targeted keyword.

In celebration of “National Iced Tea Month” in June, XINGtea launched a successful trivia contest, “TEArivia,” using social media to capitalize on the rising interest in tea-related search topics.

XINGtea has appeared in BevNet, Desert Sun, and the Denver Post blog “Mile High Mamas.”

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