Une Belle Vie

Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns LLC., is in the unique business of creating and selling artistic and environmentally friendly cremation urns through an online e-commerce store. The company was created by Melody and Mike Jamali following the tragic loss of their 21-year-old son, Eric.

Overcome with the emotions and stress associated with losing a son, the Jamali’s struggled to find an urn that respectively and appropriately honored Eric, which influenced them in the decision to launch their own cremation urn store. Une Belle Vie provides grieving families with affordable and joyful cremation urn choices to remember and celebrate the lives of their lost loved ones.

Metzger implemented a public relations program and utilized the company’s emotionally charged back-story to reach out to the media. The Metzger team paired this intriguing narrative with Une Belle Vie’s unique product offerings to develop a national pitching angle for a variety of consumer and trade publications.

As a result, Metzger has successfully secured media placements for Une Belle Vie in such outlets as Reuters and the Denver Business Journal. These and other articles have lead to hundreds of direct sales leads for the company throughout the year.

Currently, Metzger is assisting Une Belle Vie with all marketing efforts surrounding the launch of The Eric Jamali Fund, which provides funeral assistance to families whose children passed from terminal illnesses. Metzger has been a vital component in the development of a promotional strategy for the fund by generating key messaging points for all of the fund’s collateral materials and securing local business partnerships.

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