Theresa Preston, founder of MyHandleBar, came to Metzger Associates with a unique idea and a blank piece of paper. The concept was a 16-person party bike to roam the streets of Boulder and Fort Collins. Originally from the Netherlands, these bikes have been popular for decades overseas and for years in Minneapolis.

Preston came to us with the idea and we developed a full-scale business marketing communications program encompassing all aspects of the company. The depth of our services included:

  • Naming: Metzger conducted in-depth research and helped recommend a name for the company that would complement the party bike service.
  • Logo and Colors: Metzger’s design team created the MyHandleBar logo and full color palate that set the stage for the fun tone of the company right from the beginning.
  • Website: Metzger’s UI/UX experts, professional SEO copywriters, developers, designers and coders created the MyHandleBar website for maximum user experience.
  • SEO: Since MyHandleBar is such a new idea in the state of Colorado, search engine optimization plays a vital role of how the company is found online. Metzger conducted an extensive keyword analysis to identify target keywords and then strategically placed them throughout the website in both metatags and copy.
  • Social Media and Public Relations: Metzger created and executed a full public relations and social media marketing program for the company including traditional media relations, blogger relations, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
  • Launch Parties: Metzger planned and executed two full-scale launch parties for Boulder and Fort Collins. We worked closely with Preston to plan the venue, food, drinks, staffing, live music and other logistics for both parties and executed all within her budget.

Within just a month of the bike launch in both cities, MyHandleBar’s online presence led the way for “real world” promotions and marketing to begin. The buzz created online through Twitter and Facebook and in print through articles in local papers such as The Coloradoan translated into several tours booked  at the start of the business.

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