iX Mixer

Through a social media-focused marketing program, Metzger Associates is helping iX MiXer become the leader in the “mixology revolution.” iX MiXer is a non-alcoholic beverage made to mix with anyone’s favorite spirit that helps prevent hangovers.

Metzger is using a combination of social media and traditional media relations to position iX MiXer in national markets as the go-to hangover prevention beverage brand. Whether it is online suggestions of drinks, providing nightlife and mixology tips or attending the hottest social events, iX MiXer is constantly engaging its online and offline community.

In May, two reviewers from Bar and Drinker Magazine tweeted a live review of iX from bars in Long Island. Party enthusiasts followed the feed all night and into the next morning. Both reviewers woke up hangover-free and got to work on time. This direct social media engagement with new consumers created brand awareness in a new market and established iX MiXer’s credibility to a new audience.

Through conversations with followers on Facebook and Twitter, iX MiXer is able to take the conversation offline and into the nightlife scene in various target cities. This includes developing relationships with new establishments and generating brand awareness within the community.



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