6 Public Relations Skills Your Boss Values

By Stephanie Vanderholm, Vice President, Metzger Associates

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Just how prepared are recent college grads to enter the job market? A recent study revealed major gaps in what students perceive as their workforce readiness and what hiring managers think. (Chegg: Bridge That Gap: Analyzing the Student Skill Index, Fall 2013.)


Pro Bono PR Work at Metzger Associates

By Amanda Kowalski


Several of us at Metzger Associates offer our expertise as writers, event planners and social media strategists to help out nonprofit organizations through pro bono work. Nonprofits depend mostly on government and corporate funding, and individual donations to cover basic operating costs. Pro bono services contribute to important but peripheral business functions such as public relations, social media engagement and community events.


Doyle Albee Named to the Coalition for a Connected West Board of Advisors


Metzger Associates is pleased to announce that our very own president, Doyle Albee, was appointed to the board of advisors for the Coalition for a Connected West.

Doyle will be joining the advisory board this month and is very excited about future collaboration with such an influential association.


From Russia with Ridicule: A Look into the 2014 Winter Olympics

By Andrea Jensen



The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have come and gone. Perhaps more popular than the actual Olympics was the bad publicity endured by the host city.


Data Breach Public Relations – Who Handled it Best?

By Matt Bennett

When it comes to data security breaches, it’s been a tough stretch for retailers. Michaels, Target and Neiman Marcus- all recent victims of sizable breaches in which the personal and/or credit and debit card information of tens of millions of customers was compromised.

So who handled it best from a PR standpoint? Here are the three breaches in order of occurrence:


Three Steps to a Good Online Presence

By Jennifer Stevens, Graphic/Web Designer, Metzger Associates


Thinking about starting or building a new business? If so, one of the best places to start is online. There are a number of channels that you can use to get your business off to a great start, but the most common are a website and/or blog along with some sort of social media page/profile. Utilizing these basic channels will not only help potential clients find you, but will also help you reach out to new clients.


Sink or Swim? How has SeaWorld fared in the “Blackfish” maelstrom of bad PR?

By Amanda Kingblackfish

Blackfish,” Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s independent documentary that took the country by storm, premiered in January at the Sundance FilmFestival. Since its debut, the movie has received the sort of exposure that most filmmakers – both independent and mainstream – can only dream about.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, the plot of the film unfolds around the psychological damage inflicted on captive killer whales at SeaWorld and how that treatment led to fatalities among their trainers.

The film has been touted by some as “the best film of 2013,” while the media has laid siege to the SeaWorld Corporation.

Of course, this is nothing new for SeaWorld. The company has a history of bad publicity, beginning in 1993 with the release of “Free Willy,” continuing with periodic instances of animal attacks on trainers, and culminating in the brutal slaying of one of SeaWorld’s senior trainers by an orca.


Google’s Hummingbird Update: What’s it mean for users and content producers?

Image: Jaque Davis, Creative Commons

By Amy Little

On September 26, Google announced that it had made an update to its algorithm more than a month ago. They’re calling the update Hummingbird, and it affects a reported 90 percent of searches.

Let me save you going back to re-read that last sentence: it affects nine out of every 10 searches. Last year Google handled approximately 1.9 trillion searches. That’s an average of 5.1 billion searches per day, so we can expect Hummingbird to affect around 4.6 billion searches per day, or probably more, if search volume continues to grow as it has in previous years.

How are searches affected? READ MORE

The Video Branding Battle: Instagram vs. Vine

By Bri Rios

Visual content continues to grow and short videos are becoming integral to a brand’s relevance. With Twitter and Facebook now both having video services, the need for brands to incorporate these apps into their digital strategy becomes even more important. Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, announced a new feature that now supports videos on its timeline. Users can create and post 15-second videos to share with their followers. The update has stirred up public controversy that this new feature will put an end to Vine, the short-video app owned by Twitter.


Wearable Tech: Our Folly or Our Future?

IMG_0275I had the chance to check out Google Glass last week at Boulder Open Coffee Club. That experience, coupled with the news that Apple may have patented the name “iWatch,” got me thinking about wearable tech. Is this our possible future, or will we look back at these attempts in a few years and wonder what the heck we were thinking? READ MORE

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