art + science

We think Leonardo had it right.

Artists and scientists have been fighting each other for a long time.

While artists charge that scientists think too literally, scientists fire back that artists have their heads in the clouds. We’ve all heard it.

And in the world of mass communications and digital marketing, the division between art and science has been even more extreme, with entire agencies dedicated to one philosophy or the other. For example, most public relations firms have defined themselves since the beginning as “creative” agencies, while the search engine optimization guys always talk about their “scientific” approach.

But here at Metzger, we have always eschewed this separation, which is why we agree with Leonardo when he said:

Study the science of art and the art of science.

– Leonardo da Vinci

No wonder they call him the original renaissance man.

The art + science
of communication → results

Like Leo, we have always endeavored to overcome the false dichotomy between art and science, because we know that combining the two gets you better results. We are using art + science every day to drive greater reach, relevance and resonance for our clients’ marketing communications. Without any one of these three characteristics, which we call the “three Rs,” your communications will not reach their full potential, and you won’t get as much of the fourth R, “results.”

art + science → greater reach

You need to reach as many people as you can.

To get your company, products and services maximum reach, we may analyze search data to discover the exact time that your audience will be listening for your message, and deliver that timely message wrapped in an artful design that will get you more clicks and more eyes.

art + science → higher relevance

You need to reach the largest audience you can with a message that they can really relate to.

When Metzger creates a written piece for you, we may analyze your audience to find out what they find most relevant, then use our art to write about that topic in a way that your audience finds engaging. Without the science, the art might miss its target, and without the art, the science might fall flat.

art + science → more resonance

You need your audience to carry your highly relevant message to the members of their social networks, exponentially multiplying your reach.

To give your message the resonance you need for success, we will study the time of the week that messages get the most retweets – science, and we might tweet during that time with an artfully produced video that people just can’t help sharing – art. With art + science you get greater resonance and a larger audience than you would get with either one alone.

Renaissance Metzger

So, while we can’t really lay claim to the original combination of art and science, which is perhaps Leo’s alone, we believe we can lay claim to a renaissance in communications in which we feel we are leading the charge: The art + science of communication.

To see how we use art + science every day to deliver results for our clients, check out our work.

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