AC Golden Brewing Co.

AC Golden Brewing Company uses new technology to sell beer the old fashioned way – by word-of-mouth. Instead of using traditional advertising or media relations to get the word out about their latest brand, Colorado Native Lager, we’re using mobile, interactive technology called SnapTags to go where Colorado Native’s consumers are, engage them in conversations and enlist them as passionate brand evangelists.

Colorado Native Lager is the first consumer product to incorporate SnapTag technology on its packaging. The SnapTag integrates nicely with the Colorado Native logo on the back of the bottle, on six-pack carriers, as well as coasters and pint glasses. Consumers snap a pic of this tag with their smartphone camera and send it via text message to the number printed around the SnapTag. This launches a two-way interactive text message conversation between the consumer and the brand.

SnapTag technology allows Metzger Associates to facilitate thousands of one-on-one conversations with consumers, provide them with relevant news and give them the opportunity to connect with other Colorado Native fans who share their interests.

Through these conversations and the use of innovative technology, AC Golden is able to learn about the Colorado Native drinker and remain relevant to their lifestyle.

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